International Shellac Symposium in Mainz (ISSM) 2023

The ISSM 2023 took place at the Johannes Gutenberg University on October 17th and 18th. International experts from India, Thailand, Canada, UK, France, Switzerland and Germany participated.

Shellac is currently experiencing a tremendous renaissance as biogenic material for various modern applications. This particular class of naturally occurring material provides unique properties and can replace several polymers of fossil origin. However, shellac is mostly not covered in common symposia or occupies only a niche position. Consequently, it is time to bring together the major player in this respective field. This represents the first international symposium on shellac in Europe!

Mainz as venue has several reasons: On one side, shellac has played in past a huge importance in this town for the production of furniture. Therefore, Mainz was a major place where shellac was processed for almost 150 years.

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