Our research can be assigned to five fields: Organic electrochemistry, oxidative coupling reactions, synthesis of natural products and bioactive compounds, supramolecular chemistry and sensors for hazardous compounds. Although at a first glance these topics seem to be very distinct and difficult to combine, in our group every field overlaps with others and depends on a vivid exchange of know-how between the individual topics. For example an electroorganic synthesis yields a scaffold for bioactive compounds or oxidative coupling reactions by MoCl5 a backbone for supramolecular receptors. We transfer our know-how from supramolecular chemistry to sensor technology by modifying surfaces of quartz microbalances with new affinity materials for the detection of drugs and explosives.

For a detailed description of our research interests, please follow these links:

Organic electrochemistry
Oxidative coupling reactions
Sensors for hazardous compounds
Supramolecular chemistry