Dr. Kristina Hackelöer

Born: 1982
2001-2003 Undergraduate studies at Bremen University
2003-2006 Graduate studies at Cologne University
2006 Diploma thesis in the group of Prof. Dr. H. G. Schmalz, Cologne University on “Au-catalyzed synthesis of colchicine analogues as potential tubulin binding agents”
2007-2011 PhD studies in the field of natural product synthesis with fellowships of the Degussa foundation (2008) and Jürgen Manchot foundation (2008-2010)


PhD thesis: "Untersuchungen zum Aufbau von Dibenzo[a,c]cycloheptenen durch intramolekulare oxidative Biarylkupplung"

now available at Dr. Hut Verlag; ISBN: 978-3-8439-0242-7