Summer School on Electrosynthesis

September 17-20th
Chemistry Department

The conventional training for synthetic chemists typically involves solution based, homogeneous chemistry. Most reaction designs and concepts therefore are predominantly based on controlling molar ratios, concentrations and temperatures.
With electrosynthesis, a higher number of parameters has strong influence on the outcome. In combination with the additional, seemingly ‚exotic‘ equipment needed for performing such reactions, the barrier for entering this field of synthesis is high.

The 2017 summer school on electrosynthesis will therefore focus on a concise introduction to basic principles in electrochemistry and their relevance to practial synthetic problems.

Well-renowned speakers from Germany, Mexico and the United States will provide tutorials on the major transformations and instruments necessary for successful electrosynthetic applications. Furthermore, there will be enough time for participants to discuss their own projects with the researchers.

The summer school will conclude with a visit to the large scale electrosynthesis facilities at BASF SE, Ludwigshafen.

Confirmed Speakers

Tutorials will be given by

K. Domke (MPI-P Mainz)
B. Frontana-Uribe (UNA Mexico)
K. Moeller (WU St. Louis, USA)
S.R. Waldvogel (JGU Mainz)

All presentations will be held in English.

Technical Program

Sunday, September 17th

Registration open from 16:30. Official opening of the summer school at 17:00 at the JGU chemistry department.
After an opening lecture there will be the opportunity to introduce yourself to the other participants with your posters at beer & pretzels.

Monday, September 18th

Tutorials beginning at 9:00 at Mainz University.  Lunch at Mainz Mensa. The official program will end by 17:00.

Tuesday, September 19th

Tutorials beginning at 9:00 at Mainz University.  Lunch at Mainz Mensa. The tutorials will be concluded by an open discussion at the barbecue. Stay and discuss your research with others.

Wednesday, September 20th

Departure to BASF by bus at approx. 7:30, return to Mainz at approx. 14:30.


We recommend the InterCityHotel Mainz. It is close to the central station and offers a good public transportation connection to Mainz University campus. (


Please register before July 31st 2017.

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All participants are strongly encouraged to bring a poster representing their recent research. If you have already some specific questions regarding the options of electrochemistry in your own project, make sure that you can present them easily using your poster.
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